Our Holistic

Non-invasive Treatment

Long’s Spinal Treatment is a holistic non-invasive personal treatment program that includes a personalized assessment of your symptoms by our trusted Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Physicians.

How Does Long’s Spinal Treatment Work?

Long’s Spinal Treatment combines the Modern Techniques from the West and the Holistic Approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine into a Unique Set of Spinal Treatments for a range of Spinal Conditions. A combination of Traditional Chinese Herbs, Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation, Herbal Far-Infra Heat Therapy, Mid Frequency Electrotherapy and other non-invasive techniques would be used to treat spinal conditions that might otherwise require surgical or preventative procedures.

What Happens During Long’s Spinal Treatment?

Our Physicians would first diagnose you and an X-ray of your spine might be required. Depending on the severity of your spinal conditions and your personal comfort level, our Physicians would tailor a personalized non-invasive Long’s Spinal Treatment for you.

Will I feel better immediately after Long’s Spinal Treatment?

Some patients might find that they enjoy immediate pain relief from their symptoms such as chronic headaches or muscle cramps after the first treatment. But the long-term benefits are usually felt after subsequent Long’s Spinal Treatment.

How much Does Long’s Spinal Treatment Costs?

Our Long’s Spinal Treatment cost may vary depending on the severity of your Spinal Condition where multiple treatments might be required to completely treat it in a holistic and non-invasive way. However, you can best rest assured that our treatments are affordable and prices are transparent to you.

About Our Philosophy

Our principle of an effective and holistic treatment focuses on creating harmony between the Yin and Yang energies in our bodies. Every treatment approach is personalized based on a detailed assessment of each unique individual where your personal comfort level and various external influences affecting your spinal conditions, such as lifestyle factors, climatic circumstances and also your health conditions and medical history.

Treatment Philosophy

Importantly, our treatment philosophy is built on the principles and teachings of ancient traditional Chinese medicine and utilizing modern western techniques to offer the best of both medical worlds to you!

Holistic Approach

Our principle of effective treatment focuses on creating harmony between Yin and Yang. Our holistic approaches are based on encompassing views of the body, mind and environment. Every approach is personalized and based on a detailed assessment of each unique individual with various external influences, such as social and lifestyle factors, climatic circumstances, and also the health condition and medical history of the individual. This comprehensive analysis is crucial for our TCM physician to design a course of treatment for our clients. At FYT, we advocate the use of ancient TCM classics as our key prescription.

Healing Crisis

“When it is good to feel bad”

What you need to know is that the healing crisis is a normal process individual may encounter on their route to recovery. Also known as a healing reaction, it is a temporary worsening of symptoms that occurs when the body is going through a self-healing process by eliminating toxins and adjusting itself. The indications that you’re experiencing one is often the symptoms you experienced during the illness, it can vary from one person to another and may include diarrhoea, aches and soreness, mood swings, skin irritations, nausea, etc. A healing crisis lasts on average 3 days to a week but is dependent on the individual and severity of their health condition.

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